This is about a new generation of phones that have taken smart phone technology to a whole new level, with the introduction of vivo S1 pro. The company who brought us the innovative and high tech Titanium mobile has now launched a stunning new smartphone, which has all the smart phone features you can ever dream of and looks just as good if not better than the ones you already own. The company claims that this smartphone is packed with so much high end technology and to add to all that, it’s also packing the wow factor with a big 4.3-inch WXGA capacitive screen. To make this phone even more appealing, the company has partnered up with a number of high quality brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Apple iPhone. If you’re one to know a thing or two about smartphone, this one is for sure an eye opener because it packs the goodies that smart phones need to be able to achieve the success they crave to have.

For example, with the addition of FUNTOUCH technology, the vivo S1 pro will allow the users to add up fun touches to their phone. Users can easily personalize their smartphone with different themes and exciting images and text. Since the smartphone comes with an internal memory of 4500 mah, the moment you decide to run out of storage space, you won’t have any problem loading the applications and games that you want. With its unique and modern design, you can also expect to enjoy a long battery life with the smartphone.

Another feature that makes the vivo s1 pro unique among the various smart phones in the market today is its ability to detect a high resolution image sensor. In fact, it is the first smartphone to be equipped with such an advanced camera that also has an optical zoom. This high resolution imaging system enables users to capture sharp images with higher resolution than the usual cameras.

The vivo s1 pro also features a wide-angle lens that enables it to offer users a better view of their surroundings and other people. The camera’s OIS feature also enables it to capture video with high frames per second and high quality audio at the same time. This smartphone has a front-facing camera that is quite effective when it comes to shooting videos. It offers an eight megapixel camera with image stabilization and other high-end features that make the video worth watching.

The vivo s1 pro also has a powerful secondary camera that allows users to take shots with both the primary and the secondary camera simultaneously. This secondary camera has a larger pixel structure than the primary camera and offers better color accuracy, resulting to a better photo and video. With a powerful camera and an effective zoom, the vivo s1 pro will definitely satisfy the vivo s1 pro  curiosity of individuals who like taking action photos. Aside from that, this smartphone has a very solid display that offers bright colors and vivid viewing.

When it comes to software, the vivo s1 pro offers a neat blend of Windows and Android operating systems that provide users with a smooth sailing experience. The futuristic mobile offers an intuitive user interface, thanks to the in-display fingerprint sensor. This smartphone has a large screen that offers users more space than the usual cellphones to view the entire desktop. The spacious display is ideal for individuals who need to multitask. Users can also enjoy an amazing audio performance because of the dual-engine fast processor.

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